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The 1000km Range EV

By George Siviter-Tims Posted:17/01/22

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Mercedes-Benz have recently revealed their brand new EV concept the Vision EQXX. It is a four door coupe that has a wheelbase of 2.8m which is just smaller than a C-class. 

Mercedes-Benz have recently revealed their brand new EV concept the Vision EQXX. It is a four door coupe that has a wheelbase of 2.8m which is just smaller than a C-class. It has a full lightbar at the front as well as the headlights shaped like a three pointed star to match the logo of the brand. The front badge is no longer placed on the grill of the car but rather on the bonnet like their new race car “the AMG One “it has flush door handles that pop out as well as 20’ magnesium alloy wheels with special see through covers. The rear end of the car is very long tailed to help with aerodynamics and efficiency.
The EQXX is very light compared to most other EV’s out in the market today at only 1,750kg compared to the EQS at 2,400kg. it uses carbon fibre for the doors instead of steel and a new aluminium casting that is stronger and lighter than before. They have had help from their F1 team to make the battery case out of carbon fibre and sugar cane waste. The brake pads are also made from aluminium rather than steel these have a special coating on them that helps reduce brake dust by 90%.

Mercedes have focused on efficiency with the EQXX rather than performance. It only has 240bhp however it is very light and should still do 0-60 in around 6/7 seconds.
The car features solar panels not used to charge the car but to power the heating and the infotainment system meaning that the main battery won’t be wasted on extra power from inside the car but rather to extend the range as much as possible.
The car can hold almost 100kWh which is a little bit lower than the 108kWh that the top end EQS has. However, it is 30% lighter than the EQS weighing only 408kg, this has been achieved by Mercedes adding more silicone to each cell allowing it to store more energy, so it needs fewer heavy cells to deliver the same amount of power. This idea was created from the hybrid system from the AMG One as well as they got the same people that created the engine to configure the EQXX’s battery electronics. In total the battery pack is around half the size of the EQS, its so small it would fit into the EQA. The EQXX operates at 900volts meaning that its charging speeds will be fast, faster than the current fastest charging car on the market, the Porsche Taycan Turbo S.

The EQXX has a ridiculous range of 620 miles, 1,000km,  which is 250 miles more than a Tesla Model S or 165 miles more than the EQS. 1,000km on a single charge is enough to get from Paris to Berlin without needing to charge. 
A normal EV will use 2/3 of its energy to push the air out of its way when it is driving along so Mercedes have tried to shape the car as aerodynamically as possible to improve the efficiency of the car so its range is higher than any other EV. Its Drag coefficient is just 0.18 CD that is .02 less than the EQS which is the most aerodynamic car on the market as of writng this. Every aspect of the car is designed to reduce drag and make it more efficient, from the see through covers to the extra grill shutters that only open if the battery needs cooling and the adjustable diffuser that stays retracted most the time however at high speeds is deployed to stop lift.

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