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Case Study
Networked DELTA AC Mini chargers Baylis Vauxhall Car Dealership

All UK Vauxhall retailers were requested by their Head Office to have multiple 7kW charging points installed in 2019. 

All UK Vauxhall retailers were requested by their Head Office to have multiple 7kW charging points installed in 2019. Baylis searched the market for a state of the art, user friendly smart charger that would stand up to the frequent use. 

Rapid Charge installed between two and four Delta AC Mini 7kW charge points at each of their sites, the units are OZEV approved, enabling the workplace charging scheme to contribute £350 per charge point. A state of the art security feature installed providing RFID cards to all users. The charge points were both wall and pedestal mounted, dependant on the most suitable location.  Baylis is now using Rapid Charge’s secure software portal to control access to EV charging, monitor usage and have the option to set custom electricity tariffs and recharge electricity usage. 

Rapid Charge’s Charge point Monitoring Team can monitor the LAN connected charge points and remotely perform simple fixes and issue down the line updates. This reduces the need for on-site maintenance and minimises inconvenience. 

Rapid Charge, who offer a fully managed service from initial consultation through to surveying, installation and maintenance, were able to provide a state of the art charging units that enables a secure and tracked usage arrangement.Users have praised the easy use of the charge points.Baylis has a clear view of who is using the charge points, by using their personal secure login credentials to Rapid Charge’s back office, so they can pass on electricity costs to visitors or employees, if so required. 
Furthermore, Delta’s charge points are internet enabled, either via LAN, WIFI or 4G, which means Rapid Charge’s in-house charge point monitoring team is able to troubleshoot many problems remotely, often before clients are aware of any issues.
Problems can be resolved more efficiently, compared with ‘dumb’ charge points, as the need for on-site maintenance is reduced. Using Rapid Charge’s back office , Baylis can set custom tariffs and monitor usage of the charge points.   

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